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Commercial Roof Repairs
Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial roof repairs are a necessary part of maintaining a safe and functional roof for your business. Depending on the type of roof you have, there are a variety of repair options available. For example, flat roofs may need to be sealed and patched, while metal roofs may need to be resealed or repainted. Additionally, if your roof is leaking or has suffered storm damage, it is important to have a professional inspect the roof and make any necessary repairs. It is also important to have regular inspections and maintenance performed to ensure that your roof is in good condition and to catch any issues before they become major problems.

Why call in a professional? Sure, sometimes roof repairs can seem like an easy job for a building owner. However, we encourage you to call a professional, every time. There is simply more to a roof repair than repairing a roof. Safety plays a major part as roofing is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the construction industry. It’s not just those who fall from rooftops, but also electrical injuries to negotiate.

Not only should you call a professional, but you should call a roofing contractor that is fully insured, with experience, an excellent safety rating, and dozens of positive reviews. Landmark Roofing fits this description perfectly.

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Commercial Roofing Systems

Commercial Roofing Systems

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commercial metal roof contractor
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Landmark Roofing

Flat Roof Repair Company

Have a roof leak on your flat roof? Act fast.

Flat roofs often present a different kind of challenge. If the roof deck isn’t built properly, issues will likely arise. Commercial flat roofs are not actually flat, they are built with just a slight slope so that rain and snow can be deflected off the roof. If building with a slight slope isn’t possible, then typically tapered insulation is used to direct the flow of water.

Even then, sometimes water can enter in one part of a flat roof and then exit in another area. This often makes locating the leak a little tricky. If you suspect there might be an issue with your flat roof, call or email us as soon as possible. We’ve got the trained “eyes” to properly assess your roof.

The options for how to repair a flat roof can vary greatly depending on the situation. Flat roofs can often fail around roof penetrations or when your flat roof meets your shingled or metal roof. Another scenario is that often flat roofing membranes have seams and over time the seams begin to delaminate – meaning the adhesive used between the two pieces used is failing. One more item to consider is the type of flat roof membrane you have, most common for residential roofs are EPDM, PVC, and TPO.

If you aren’t sure how urgent the situation is, just reach out to us. We’d be happy to stop by and assess your roof!

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Roof Penetrations Repair

Roof Penetrations are often a weak point on any roof system due to the shifting or settling of the structure. Where they were once weather tight, now have become loose around the edges. Typically a caulk, roofing cement, spray foam, or sealant specifically chosen for your type of roof membrane is used around the base of the penetration.

Repair Damage from Debris

Damage from debris is another cause of damage to flat roofs. With enough force, a tree branch can make a small slice in your roof causing big trouble. Depending on how long the roof membrane was compromised, the roof section, including the insulation may need replaced. The good news is, it may only be a small section that is affected and the rest of the roof can remain. New insulation and a patch of the same type of roof membrane can be used to get your roof watertight once again.

Repair Seam Delamination

Seam delamination is when the seam of two pieces of roof membrane are pulling apart allowing for water to enter. This can be caused by several factors, including poor installation techniques, improper preparation of the seam area, or inadequate adhesive application. When delamination occurs, it can lead to water intrusion, which can cause damage to the roofing system and the building. Sometimes those seams can be cleaned and a new layer of adhesive is reapplied and the seam is “glued” back together.

Repair with Silicone or Acrylic Roof Coatings

Silicone or Acrylic roof coatings can be another viable option. Coatings can often extend the life of a roof. However, not every flat or low-slope roof is eligible for a roof coating. There are circumstances that may prevent the use of a coating and trying to use one would be wasted time and effort. Reach out to Landmark for an evaluation.

Landmark Roofing

Metal Roof Repair Company

If you’ve noticed cracks, leaks, rust, mold or other issues with your metal roof, then it’s time to give us a call for service to repair the metal roof.

There are several ways to repair a metal roof that is nearing the end of its useful life. Various materials can be utilized to stop leak points, such as a full roof coating, or an overlay of the leak section with another piece of metal or you could consider a membrane retrofit. .

Once you have a successful repair, there will no longer be points for wind, water, pests, or anything else to get into your business and your business is protected.

General Metal Roof Repairs

After identifying where the water is entering the roof, we can utilize a variety of material designed for metal roofs. This might include mastics, caulks, or sealants. We’ve got the experience to know which product will produce the best results.

Roof Coatings for Metal Roofs

Depending on the severity of the roof leaks, a roof coating might be the best solution. This might be the case when you don’t foresee owning the building for more than 5-10 more years. There have been a lot of advancements in roof coatings over the past decade and they are better than ever. Considering a metal coating for your roof can help you avoid the cost of a full roof replacement while protecting your building from water damage.

Metal Overlay on Metal Roofs

There are many types of metal roofing panels on the market. If you have a PBR (purlin bearing rib), or an R Panel (36 inches metal panels with raised ribs with a flat area) metal roof, installing a new metal roof directly over your current roof could be an excellent option. You’ll achieve a brand-new look, warranty, and a longer roof life.

Membrane Retrofit for Metal Roofs

A membrane retrofit process includes adding insulation between the ribs of the metal roof, and a layer of insulation on top of the ribs. Finally, the metal roof is encapsulated with single-ply membrane. With several prints and colors of membrane available, this has become an excellent solution for building owners.

Landmark Roofing

Shingle Roof Repair Company

Have a roof leak on your shingled roof? Act fast.

Whether it is due to normal wear and tear caused by aging or from severe winds or hail associated with a storm, damaged shingles require repair sooner than later. The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood of serious problems arising.

  • Water damage
  • Mold and mildew
  • Reduced curb appeal
  • Structural damage
  • Higher HVAC bills

We can repair your damaged shingles quickly and efficiently, so you can carry on with your normal daily routine. We’ll get your roof back to normal and your home safe.

Your shingled roof may need repairs for a variety of reasons, such as hail, high winds, flying debris, or just simply age. Landmark Roofing can quickly assist you with any of these causes with effective repairs to get your roof back in the dry.

If you aren’t sure how urgent the situation is, just reach out to us. We’d be happy to stop by and assess your roof!

Cracked Shingles

When asphalt shingles crack, they lose their ability to effectively protect the underlying roof structure from moisture and other environmental factors. This can lead to leaks and water damage to the roof deck and interior of the building. If cracked shingles are left untreated, they can compromise the entire roofing system and require costly repairs or replacement. Cracked shingles can be repaired by applying a bead of roof sealant both below and above the crack, then allowing the sealant to cure.

Granular Loss of Shingles

Granular loss of shingles is to be expected on an asphalt-shingled roof, even if the roof is newer. Though storms, foot traffic or a defective product can exacerbate the situation. However, if you see a bald spot on your shingles, that can be a sign of a bigger issue. The granules can be replaced but typically its more effective to replace those shingles.

Shingle Blow Offs

Shingle Blow offs can occur after a storm with high winds. However, the shingles may not land in your yard immediately, it might take a little time. The wind can lift the shingles and loosen them enough to eventually fall off.

commercial roofing repair contractor

Landmark Roofing

Commercial Roofing Repair Contractor

With expertise in shingle, flat, and metal roofing and offices in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Nashville, TN we are here to serve you! The Landmark Roofing team is dedicated to the best quality, best services and the highest level of professionalism. We offer prompt, reliable services to every homeowner or building owner.

  • BBB Accredited A+ Rating
  • Fully Licensed and Insured Contractor
  • 4.8 Star Rating on Google
  • Trained & Certified on a variety of roof systems
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