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Fort Wayne Commercial Roof Coatings and Overlays

Fort Wayne Commercial Roof Coatings and Overlays

Applying a roof coating to commercial buildings is a proactive strategy to extend the lifespan of the roof system. Roof coatings serve as a protective shield from elements that contribute to wear and tear. Roof coatings also offer reflective surfaces that decrease solar heat absorption, helping regulate temperature fluctuations in areas with intense sun.

By relieving thermal stress on roofing material, coatings help minimize cracks and thermal expansion – two key contributors to premature roof aging.

Quality roof coatings also act as an effective barrier against ultraviolet (UV) rays, one of the primary sources of roof degradation. By blocking UV rays, a quality coating protects roof integrity while extending its life expectancy. Investing in a roof coating is an efficient and cost-effective strategy to fortify a comm

rcial roof against environmental challenges that could otherwise threaten its structural integrity over time.
Maintaining your commercial roof goes well beyond aesthetics — it is a fundamental aspect of safeguarding its structural integrity, particularly given the local fluctuating climate conditions of the Fort Wayne area.

Types of Roof Coatings offered by Landmark Roofing

Duro-ShieldTM by Duro-Last®

Duro-Last® is an industry leader, known for their Duro-ShieldTM line of roof coatings. Among the benefits of Duro-ShieldTM roof coatings are:

Exceptional Weather Resistance and Durability. Duro-ShieldTM coatings have been specifically engineered to withstand climates with varying temperatures and conditions, such as heavy rain, snowfall, and temperature extremes. Duro-ShieldTM coatings create a seamless membrane when applied, eliminating potential areas for water infiltration and improving overall waterproofing of roofs.

Reflectivity: Duro-ShieldTM coatings are highly reflective, helping reduce solar heat absorption and keeping your building cooler on Fort Wayne hot summer days. Duro-ShieldTM coatings were specifically developed to resist UV radiation and maintain their protective qualities over time.

UV radiation can hasten roof deterioration — Duro-ShieldTM is specifically formulated to withstand this damage, thus prolonging its protective qualities over the lifetime of your roof.

Henry Pro-Grade® Roof Coatings

Henry Company is renowned in the roofing industry, known for their Pro-Grade® line of roof coatings, with advanced formulations to meet specific roofing needs. A few reasons why Henry Pro-Grade® might be the right coating for your roof are:

Waterproofing. Henry Pro-Grade® roof coatings form an impenetrable membrane on roof surfaces that seal out water infiltration, an essential property given Fort Wayne’s high precipitation rates.

Versatility. Henry Pro-Grade® roof coatings are compatible with various roofing materials such as metal, asphalt, and modified bitumen roofs, making them suitable for the diverse roof structures in the Fort Wayne area.

Why Select Landmark Roofing for Roof Coatings in Fort Wayne?

BBB Accreditation and Rating. Our BBB Accreditation and A+ Rating stand as a testament to our dedication to ethical business practices, transparency, and customer satisfaction. We take great pride in the professional approach and integrity we bring to each project – Fort Wayne residents and business owners can rest easy knowing we adhere to only the highest industry standards in roofing.

High Google Review Ratings. Our high Google review ratings demonstrate the satisfaction of our clients. We welcome feedback from customers who have experienced firsthand our quality of services. Our customer feedback highlights our dedication to excellence, reliability, and providing solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs.

Expertise in Fort Wayne’s Climate. Understanding Fort Wayne’s unique weather challenges is vital when selecting and applying roofing solutions, and our team at Landmark Roofing offers local expertise so that any coatings we recommend and apply meet local climatic needs.

Making an Informed Decision

When choosing the right coating for your commercial building, several factors come into play. Consider your existing roofing material, budget constraints, and unique challenges presented by Fort Wayne weather conditions when making this important decision.

Both Duro-ShieldTM and Henry Pro-Grade® roof coatings offer exceptional durability, energy efficiency, and waterproofing properties. Choosing the right one for your building depends on which best meets the unique specifications of your roof system.

Reach out to our team of experts at Landmark Roofing. We will help you choose the right roof coating for your building. We offer customized consultations where our experienced roofers assess your roof, discuss your preferences, and recommend the most suitable coating solution. Our aim is to offer Fort Wayne business owners roofing solutions that not only increase performance and longevity of their roof system but also promote energy efficiency and increase property values.

Roof coatings and overlays can be an essential investment for Fort Wayne business owners seeking to bolster their roof against the elements. At Landmark Roofing, we guarantee our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction through our BBB Accreditation A+ Rating and high Google review ratings.

Contact us today and start the journey of adding a top-tier roof coating designed specifically to withstand local climate challenges and extend the life of your commercial roof!

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